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smiley Summer Term  smiley

Important Dates:  SATs - 13.5.19

                              1620 House  -   21.5.19     26.6.19   Class 3 performance at 1620 House - 3.7.19

                               Pizza Express - 22.5.19

                               Beaumanor Trip - 3.5.19

                              Great Science Share - 18.6.19

As you will see we have a very busy summer term. The run up to SATs is intense but after the week of the 13th we have made sure the children have a lot of cross curricular activities that they will enjoy.

                                                                                          Topic - The Shang Dynasty

The children will be learning all about the earliest well documented dynasty in China. It ruled from 1600-1046 BC.

They will learn in the summer term all about: Period of Settlement

                                                                        Period of Prosperity

                                                                        Period of Decline

We have daily spelling,punctuation and grammar sessions.

The children will create a fact file - writing about the Yellow River-Farming and Agriculture explaining how irrigation channels were built. They will make food from the era and write instructions. Extended pieces of writing will be written weekly on this topic.

Drama including persuasive argument will also be visited.

The children will have regular guided reading sessions which incorporate our topic work. A large emphasis will be on extending their vocabulary 


 The children have been working on Geometry, as well as daily Arithmetic Starters. SATs practise continues with our after school booster sessions..

The children will challenge their understanding through problem solving practical activities.

We continue  weekly times table challenges and the children regularly log onto 'Rock Stars' maths. 



The Shang Dynasty lends itself to map work and understanding ancient China.


What were the religious beliefs of the Shang Dynasty?

We will be looking at the different Gods that the Shang people worshipped.



The children will be learning Gymnastics and Athletics this term. We are very lucky to have  specialist coaches to deliver these lessons. P.E will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon this term. Please ensure that your child has their kit in school at all times.


Making porridge-millet and ginger

Systems of writing- ideograms that representedideas or objects.

Homework will be given out on a Friday to be bought back into school on a Wednesday. These will consist of spellings and Maths activities, that consolidate the weeks work,  Please ensure that your child completes the work and gets the homework back on time. 

It is an expectation that children read every night and fill in their own diary entries.

A signature is needed from an adult to show this has been done. 

Please also use the children's diaries to communicate with me - I will read them daily and I am happy to help in anyway.

 I endeavour to encourage the children to be independent learners. This will support them in their next step on to Secondary School. My aim is to enable a smooth transition - giving them responsibility to remember equipment etc will help this. 
Thank you for your continued support. I am very excited and look forward to the new term!

 smiley Mrs Woodward smiley

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More Dates
Year 6 leavers assembly will be held in Class 3 on friday at 2pm.