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Pupil Premium

All schools are required to report on how they spend their Pupil Premium Allowance.  This money is allocated to pupils who are eligible for free school meals or those who have been eligible in the past six years.  In addition, funding is allocated to children who have been adopted or who are looked after.  Children who have one or more parents in the armed forces also receive an allocation of funding.

Pupil Premium Allocation 2016/17

Our Pupil Premium allocation for the academic year 2016/17 is £18,160.00

How do we intend to spend this allocation?

The allocation of this year's Pupils Premium funding is used in different areas, all aimed at boosting the academic achievement and progress of eligible children.

An additional teacher is working 1:1 with eligible pupils, twice a week.  In some cases this is to provide additional support and in some cases, where pupils are more able, this provides additional challenge for them.

Funding is going to be used to enable eligible pupils to have the same opportunities as other children.  Music lessons, after school clubs, residential school trips and Art therapy will sometimes be paid for from the funding.

How did we spend last year's allocation?  (2015-16)

In this school the funding was used to employ an additional teacher for a period of time who works solely with eligible children in order to accelerate their progress.  Funding has also been used to pay for school trips, both residential and non-residential.  In addition, eligible pupils have had music lessons paid for with one of our peripatetic teachers.  A small amount of the funding has also been spent on resources which eligible pupils have priority access to.


This year Pupil Premium spend plan (2016-17)


Name Need Amount allocated Summary of support Intended outcomes How will this be monitored
Self confidence.
£1900 Numicon
Phonic resources
Attaining expected level in R/Wr/M MC /SH
Writing stamina& h.writing.
Maths reasoning
£300 Numicon
1-1 writing support
At least expected level by end of year. BP/MC – pupil progress meeting
H.writing, writing stamina, imagination.
Maths four operations(deepen)
£1320 Numicon
1-1 writing support
Exc in Reading and aiming for Exc in Wr & Maths. BP/MC – pupil progress meeting
Inference and deduction skills. Social communication skills.
Maths problem solving.
£1900 Numicon
Art Therapy
1-1 reading support
Developed confidence in her own abilities. Discussion / feedback from KL – end of Spr term
Writing – stamina/ imagination £300 Numicon
1-1 writing support
Increased amounts of written work. HK/ MC PPmeetings.
MC feedback report (Spr)
To enrich Maths reasoning and comprehension skills £1320 Numicon
1-1 comprehension support
Deeper understanding in R comp.
Exc in all areas
MC / JW PPmeeting
MC feedback end of term.
Basic number skills and problem solving.
Writing stamina and sentence building
£1320 Numicon
Small group test practice.
Attain National standard in R/Wr/M MC / JW PPmeeting
MC feedback end of term.
Maths – reasoning and calculations. Building confidence £1320 Numicon
Small group test practice.
Attain Exc in Reading and Writing and Maths MC / JW PPmeeting
MC feedback end of term.
Building confidence in Sp&L / spelling and comprehension. £1320 Numicon
1-1   spelling practice.
Attain NS in R / Wr and M at end of year. MC / JW PPmeeting
MC feedback end of term.
Social interaction, emotional support.
Basic maths work,
Comprehension skills
£1900 Numicon
Art therapy
1-1   support
Develop social skills.
Basic understanding of M/R and Wr
PEP meeting
JW/MC PPMeeting.
Feedback from KL (March)

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