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smiley Welcome Back  smiley

I hope you all had a great summer especially with the weather being so lovely.

I am looking forward to seeing my new year 5 and 6 children. We will work hard and have lots of fun along the way!

Our topic for autumn term 1 is 'Astronomical Clocks' .This is a science based study. We will base our study investigating firstly the solar system ,considering the works of Ptonomy, Alhazen and Copernicus. We will be constructing shadow clocks and sundials and finding out why some people think that structures like Stonehenge might have been used as astronomical clocks!

Our main focus will be studying non-chronological reports, continuing our space theme, investigating planets and stars.

We will discuss the features: diagrams, captions ,sub-headings and paragraphs. We will also be writing about one of the scientists and developing our own report on planet earth.

We will be reading and writing our own figurative poetry, learning new skills and using our topic space as a starting point.

Spelling ,punctuation and grammar are timetabled daily.

We begin with our class novel - Lucy and the Rocket Dog.

This year we are developing a reading area in class where the children will get time to enjoy new, interesting and adventurous books.



In Maths, we will work from the White Rose scheme of work. The children will start the term working with number and place value. They will be reading, writing and comparing numbers up to 1000 000/10,000 000 determining the value of each digit. They will interpret positive and negative numbers and rounding numbers.

They will challenge their understanding through problem solving practical activities.

All children will continue to have daily arithmetic starter activities and weekly times table challenges..

RE - Christianity following a new syllabus - children are given questions to explore and debate.

PSHCE - caring, helping, supporting others - understanding morality. 

ICT - using  programs to support investigations
P.E -  Mr Green (our PE specialist) and I will continue to take the children for these lessons.

Art - Looking at artists that paint/draw space pictures. David A. Hardy (British artist)

Music- Exploring the works of Gustav Holst, the English composer, and listening to 'The Planet suite'-seven movements written between 1914-1916


P.E - Swimming will take place on a Thursday morning. Please ensure your child has the correct swim wear. This will continue at  The Roundhill  Academy.

Please ensure that your child has P.E kit in school at all times. The afternoon P.E sessions are on a Tuesday afternoon..

Homework will be given out on a Friday to be bought back into school on a Wednesday. These will consist of spellings and Maths activities, that consolidate the weeks work,  Please ensure that your child completes the work and gets the homework back on time. 

It is an expectation that children read every night and fill in their own diary entries.

A signature is needed from an adult to show this has been done. 

Please also use the children's diaries to communicate with me - I will read them daily and I am happy to help in anyway.

 I endeavour to encourage the children to be independent learners. This will support them in their next step on to Secondary School. My aim is to enable a smooth transition - giving them responsibility to remember equipment etc will help this. 
Thank you for your continued support. I am very excited and look forward to the new term!

 smiley Mrs Woodward smiley

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Christmas Fayre and light switch on this saturday 1st December from 4.30pm - 7.00pm.